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Charlie Whiskers

Everyone knows Charlie Whiskers!

He's that fluffy ginger cat with one and a half ears and a crooked whisker, who lives in a cosy old apple crate in London, in Covent Garden to be exact.

Now, if you don't know Covent Garden then the first thing to say is that it isn't an actual garden (well, not these days anyway), but it used to be known for it's famous fruit and veg market and is still full of lively hustle & bustle and colourful characters, and Charlie fits right in!

With the help of his friends, Charlie is always one step away from fun and adventure.

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Charlie's World

Born, raised and working as a police officer in London, I know Charlie's home well. Having patrolled the streets and alleyways of Covent Garden in rain and shine, wind and snow, I know what fun a curious cat can have away from his apple crate, as well as the kind and helpful people he could meet and make friends with.

Charlie Whiskers ultimately came alive to give kids exciting adventures, to encourage reading and to show community issues in a light and thoughtful way. He makes mistakes of course but he always tries to be good, kind and always tries his best.

No-one can argue with that!

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